Spoilers, facts and little things



Holo’s tusks are often mistaken as ears.

Holo is well aware that one tusk is bigger than the other.

Holo is often mistaken for being small at first glance, but he really measures up to 15ft tall.

Bow is mistaken for a female due to his bright pink coloring, but indeed is a male. Holo can confirm. ;o)

Although the Multiverse does not exist in Matricks Theme Park, Holo acknowledges there are other versions of himself out there, that there is an audience, breaking the fourth wall frequently to flirt with the reader. He does not however, know he could quite possibly not exist, but hey, who am I to say he doesn’t? ;o)

Nexus can not only combust, but he has the capability to breathe fire. This causes a lot of damage to his insides, since fire is not meant to be expelled this way, meaning his mouth and esophagus are not lined with a heatproof layer.

Holo constantly upgrades himself, wanting to be perfected, thus explaining why in so many pictures, there are slight differences.

In original designs, Holo was based off of a moth, even sporting tattered wings that would wrap around him like a coat. This was later changed in the final design, for personal reasons and realistic purposes.

Quinn’s original design was much like Holo’s final design, but more centipede like, more legs and longer. This was frowned upon however, since it was posing as a burden when the character was to be drawn. Quinn was on a hiatus from being drawn, until a design was settled on, keeping his centipede aspects of him, as well as making him a more fluid character and enjoyable to draw.

Nexus use to be ridiculously thin.

Kine was originally made as a joke, his sole purpose was to be used to draw NSFW art of him for fun, but he soon bloomed into a full on character with personality. (Yes, I do have his drawings. No, I will not release them here.)

Despite the fact that Holo is a killing machine, his heart is soft and tender for those he cares about most, meaning he would change his ways to please someone in his life and make them happy.

It’s not known if Nexus actually dies.

Van Van makes an appearance in The Room, taking up a role much like Jigsaw in the SAW movie series.

Van Van is evil.

Quinn is controlled by Van Van, not the other way around.